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Saleem Pothiwala

Saleem Pothiwala


Kermit Tech


Saleem has worked with major multinationals and big brands in Europe. He was involved in setting up the Data Engineering Centre of Excellence in many leading organizations to enable them to work in a more streamlined way by setting up guidelines, best practices, design patterns, and bringing all the data engineers onto one DataOps platform. Saleem is passionate about managing data as an enterprise asset and believes that building trust in data is a critical element of developing a data-driven culture.


Data engineers are data professionals that are tasked with creating and maintaining complex systems that are capable of collecting, storing, and analyzing big data for companies. The way Kafka treats the concept of data is entirely different from what we have thought of data to be. Kafka provides a more robust, fault tolerant and distributed messaging/streaming technology. StreamSets makes it easy to build pipelines that capture event-based data for streaming analytics and process it in-flight to fuel your real-time applications with DataOps.