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Nong Li

Nong Li

co-founder & CEO



Nong co-founded Okera in 2016. Prior to that, he led performance engineering for Spark core and SparkSQL at Databricks. Before Databricks, he served as the tech lead for the Impala project at Cloudera. Nong is also one of the original authors of the Apache Parquet project. He has a bachelor’s in computer science from Brown University.


If you're planning a migration from on-prem to cloud, you likely justified the project with anticipated benefits such as elastic scalability and consumption based pricing. The underlying assumption is you can do more -- sometimes much, much more -- faster and cheaper when you migrate applications and services to the cloud. You also know that cloud data storage is cheap, and the separation of storage and compute But what about the day-to-day end-state -- where real people actually work with data in their analytics and data science practices? Moving data to the cloud is the ideal opportunity for simplifying and standardizing data access controls in a way that is consistent and clear for all data stakeholders, including your data privacy officer. Best of all? With a little bit of knowledge, you can achieve an impressive economy of scale, where data access control and compliance reporting become much easier, rather than more complex and expensive over time.