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John Masterson

John Masterson

Senior Data Engineer

Ad Astra


I've been with Ad Astra for 11+ years in a variety of roles. The last 3 years have been in Data Ops/Data Engineering roles, involved in the transition from on-prem data bases to cloud.


Moving from direct database-to-database E-T-L data flow to streaming E-L-T data flow has allowed Ad Astra to increase customer value in many ways. Shorter implementations mean less demand on short-staffed IT teams as well as quicker time-to-value. It has also freed up Ad Astra resources because we only maintain a few pipelines instead of dozens of spoke files. In this session, see how Ad Astra transitioned from VPN tunnels and XML files to utilize StreamSets for batch data imports, how that has made us more agile as a company, and the opportunities it is opening for us moving forward.