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No-code Connector Setup in NetcoreCloud Digital Experience Stack:

NetcoreCloud is a global Martech product company that helps B2C brands improve customer experience. In this conversation, NetcoreCloud's CDP (Customer Data Platform) Engineering Head will talk about the challenges of creating a no-code platform that has not only helped customers to setup the connectors at ease but also increasing the internal development and release efficiency to a large extent. He will also cover how the data once ingested passes through the technical data stack that today NetcoreCloud has built using a combination of both proprietary and open source technologies. You'll learn about: 1. How NetcoreCloud has setup the technical backbone for it's digital experience stack 2. The secrets to faster connectors building approach reducing DEV and Release time 3. How data gets processed at scale where NetcoreCloud is currently processing > 60B+ events/month 4. Recent successes and benefits in the area of analytics

Swayam Prakash Behera

Swayam Prakash Behera

VP Engineering

Netcore Cloud


An engineer with 20 years of experience of building engineering solutions at scale primarily for Tier-1 global telecom carriers and off late focusing on Martech products for retail and ecommerce brands. Current focus is to setup a highly scalable data architecture for the Customer Data Platform we are building at Netcore Cloud operating in AWS.