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Drinking Our Own Champagne At StreamSets

Like any other organization, StreamSets has to move around data between departments, software and data silos. We use our own product internally and we're excited to show you how we drink our own champagne. Some highlights will include how we at StreamSets harness the power of REST origins/destinations to connect to a wide range of applications, create and use batch and streaming pipelines, how we introduced reverse ETL to our stable of pipelines and finally how we use data drift alerts (and other alerting) to monitor the health of our data as it streams through our pipelines.

Brenna Buuck

Brenna Buuck

Developer Evangelist



Brenna is the Developer Evangelist at StreamSets. Brenna is a self-taught programmer who transitioned from academia to a career as a data engineer. She’s excited to share how StreamSets can help other engineers solve complex data engineering puzzles. Brenna graduated from the University of California San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and San Diego State University with a Masters of Arts in Political Science. She is most fulfilled by learning and helping others learn.